June 14, 2009

Green Hills Apple Store Missing 8 Gig RAM Case Closed

Those of you following my twitter micro blog may be familiar with the missing RAM issue of the last 18 months Like most musicians I am too busy to deal with a lot of stuff and corporations know that by making it so time consuming and difficult to get a problem resolved - knowing we will eventually let it slide.

Basically I took in a G5 for repair and it came back minus 8 GIG of RAM, The Genius Bar of course denied all knowledge and claimed they gave it to me back. Of course they didn't and despite several visits to the store, emails to Apple I had to get on with my work rather than be held back by missing RAM ( remember i am self employed with no assistant)

Anyway I finally talked to someone (again) at apple about it last week and here is a copy of the report I filed

>>>>> unfortunately the issue of the missing 8 gig of ram that was stolen from my G5 by the Green Hills Apple store is never going to be resolved.
It would have been nice to think that Apple would have adhered to the old adage that "the customer is always right" and offered to replace the 8 GIG but i begrudgingly had to admit that the case is now closed.
As a customer and Mac evangelist since the 80s I find it a hard pill to swallow that Mac is now more of a corporate entity with the ensuing corporate ethics than the opposition. Shame!.

To all mac users - advance with caution! Especially when taking a computer in for repair at one of the genius bars - there are some light fingered geniuses about!