May 22, 2009

Spinal Tap Drummer posts Manager lies . .

Everyday Mick Shrimpton one of the Spinal Tap drummers tweets amusing muso jokes - he recently added a few JaNa KYoMooN classics

manager lies pt1 "I'll make it up to you"; "the tours only 6 weeks"; "i ordered vegetarian for you"

manager lies pt2 "we're waiting for you in the lobby"; "this is a charity gig"; "she's nearly ready"

manager lies pt3 "we've lost a lot of money on this tour"; "meet + greet will only take 30 minutes"; " next flight is business"

manager lies pt4 "if we up the per diem it'll have to be taxed"; "the session musicians are getting paid the same as you"; "we'll be leaving in 10 minutes".

manager lies pt5; "the video shoot retakes will take no more than an hour after the show"; "you'll get paid for the live recording"; "i love you guys".

manager lies pt6; "should be a good end of tour bonus"; "i asked for extra wide bunks"; "your day off isnt a travel day"

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