April 18, 2006

In between taxes, tornadoes and moving . .

In between taxes, tornadoes and moving . .
In between taxes, tornadoes and moving . . I forgot to mention the 3kstatic gig @ grimeys this last Saturday. Very kool stuff courtesy of Dean and friends Logickal, Venus Hum, Robert Bond and yours truly on keys.

Next Thursday Charles Green and I will be hosting a "benefit" @ Murphy's Loft for some of the tornado victims of April 7th.
I escaped from the wrath of mother nature into the cooler in Cracker Barrel in Gallatin whilst part of the community of Goshen Town, to which i had moved one week earlier, was razed to the ground.
One woman has been left paralyzed whilst saving her two young boys, their house along with the one next to it reduced to a concrete slab. Other houses nearby received such bad damage that they have to be demolished . . can you imagine watching the house you had built being torn down? Awful stuff. Turning every corner around this beautiful area of Sumner County the day after the tornado, just drew my breath away. One feels so helpless!
Music being the only thing i know how to do Charles Green and I decided to make the last night @ Murphy's Loft one for the tornado.(Yes after Thursday they are no longer having live music there . . another blog about the demise of live music coming up . . watch this space )
We hope we can raise enough money to bring some cheer to the people still reeling from the shock and some whose lives will never be the same.
Look forward to seeing you there
or send a donation
paypal: mailto:musicallmusic@mac.com
100% of the proceeds go to the tornado victims