February 20, 2006

Live this weekend! Friday and Saturday 24th+25th

me live?
@gibson cafe opry mills
not singing
not playing
but judging a songwriting contest organized by Experimental Division on Friday 24th Feb @ 7pm - The Nashville Songwriting Competition / Open Forum
"Songwriters: To enter the contest and perform, please show-up at the venue @ exactly 6pm on February 24th with a single (one) acoustic instrument for live musical accompaniment (note: accompaniment performed by another person will be allowed). All songwriters and their accompanying artist will have free admission and be registered for the contest at that time. All songwriters will be assigned a number and performances will be arranged numerically beginning @ 7pm. A panel of Music Industry Professionals (Judges) will make their winning decisions based on creativity & lyricism, as well as crowd appeal and response. Songwriters will perform a single (one) song for the initial judging process, with a second song reserved for encore performance."

get up early on saturday and listen to me wax all things electronic on radio free nashville on the Wake up and Live programme