October 23, 2011

It's been quite a week and i have a lot of people to thank!

It's been quite a week and i have a lot of people to thank!
This is Part 1 - if you are not mentioned here you will be in Part 2!
Firstly to Dpulse Recordings for making aMBieNT ReFLeCTioNS oF JaNa KYoMooN available.
This is a collection of the 'best of' recordings of the last couple of years of performing music in the virtual world of Second Life and simulcast on Radio JaNa.
I purposefully made the album an hour long which is perfect time for most massage sessions, meditation, quiet time - anything that helps you relax!
The GooDBYe WeeKeND show started a few years ago at the sim owned by Magnolia Anthony. It developed into a favourite hour of the week and moved from 7PM to 2PM when my computer relocated to UK time.
I have met such inspiring people at these shows - inspiration is a two way thing. You as the audience inspire me - sadly some of the audience are no longer with us.
One of my expressions is 'I may not know you in person but i know you in spirit' so Nos da Brywnwynn, Doctor Ann and Delinda! We were enriched by your presence. Diolch yn fawr
And today I am inspired by the particles of InterfaceD Dreamscape and Tuna Oddfellow and Medora Chevalier whose magical dances enchant us every Sunday. Inspired by the music of Junivers Stockholm, Torben Asp, Nnoiz Papp, Reis, Miles Eleventhaeur and so many others
This week RJ Sullivan kindly wrote an article about me and my music which is on the Jan Pulsford blog. Another one is ready to be published so I really do appreciate his help in writing some very nice promotional material!
Please invite your friends to the Facebook group or the group in Second Life!
We spend a lovely hour each Sunday in the on line virtual world at 2PM Pacific Time
oh yes and please consider buying the album . .
available from all good on line music retailers from itunes to amazon just search for me
Thank YOU