May 30, 2011

tech-speak mumbo jumbo

One more day of tests and then I shall try broadcasting again
I feel we are in a society where the customer has become the problem and so corporations are trying to fix the customer not get to the cause of the real problem.
If they can't deliver the goods as promised, how do they get away with selling them?
Because they can and too few people complain!
They bamboozle the customer with tech-speak mumbo jumbo, confusing the user so much that they feel inadequate and foolish — it's just easier to put up with the poor service.
Meanwhile the monthly direct debit keeps spitting money into the corporation's account.
Tech support is SO time consuming and we the customer do not get paid whilst
we work for free, helping the company detect problems that shouldn't exist.
Too often we walk away because we don't have the time to deal with it …
and isn't that just what they want to happen?