October 23, 2010

Oct 21st Behind the Monitor at Ditto ( Part One)

Last Thursday I presented Behind the Monitor live in London
Those of you in Second Life may remember the series with the same name — a collection of interviews I did in 2009 trying to explore the musicians behind the avatars who perform in virtual worlds.
So this time I went live and explored myself (LOL) with the help of Escape Unplugged and Mal Burns
It was a really interesting experience -
sharing my love of music and technology with a real life crowd as part of the Ditto Campfire
and explaining how i arrived at performing in the virtual world of Second Life using the avatar JaNa KYoMooN.
Of course, once I saw all the macs and cameras that were available I just had to make it a technological feast -
so we broadcast the event to Ustream
which streamed it
into Second Life
and into Facebook using the StreamJam app.
We were watching ourselves on screen in another (virtual) world
whilst being watched by the avatars in the virtual world of Second Life
in a virtual build of the Ditto Office we were streaming from - -
wowow - -
Listening to three hours worth of music which was programmed and uploaded to a cloud server then streamed to radio JaNa and into SL and itunes
The reception included a live paintings in light art show using particles with Interfaced Dreamscape streaming live from Singapore
and the after show party was courtesy of Tuna Oddfellow streaming mind blowing live art and graphic from the Research Center in Boston
Thanks to everyone
To be continued . . .