October 27, 2010

Behind the Monitor at Ditto (Part 3)

Behind the Monitor at Ditto (Part 2)
Someone in the audience asked about relationships formed on line - another questioned my suggestion of the benefits of virtual worlds for disabled people. 
Yesterday both of these topics came to the forefront when a person who was both a dear friend and terminally ill died. You may have seen the blog on http://janakyomoon.com and on the JaNa KYoMooN facebook page
She had been using Second Life in a really positive way and was a true inspiration to all who knew her. I post what she wrote for the Ditto presentation here . . Her avatar was Brywnwynn Llewellyn and she used her eyes to work the software whilst being confined to a bed in a research hospital. There was a remarkable woman behind the avatar . . . A doctor, researcher and inspiration to all who came into contact with her . . and of course a Welsh woman whose attempts to try and get us to speak Welsh were legendary! Nos da Brywnwynn, Diolch yn fawr . .