February 20, 2006

january/february projects

ok i barely have time to live my life . .let alone write about it . .
so i'm going to try and catch up every couple of months . . .
january saw me back from UK/europe full of good intentions and excitement about the prospect of another new year
and so far so good . .
remixed a GREAT track for Peter Hyrka's new CD with Dustin Michael of the Project, an ambitious CD which I was involved with last year. Under the aTHeNa BLue name the track on "March of the Gypsies" is aTHeNa'S LuRiD MiX. The album is scheduled for release on July 4th.

wrote tracks with Chico Freeman for his appearance with Christopher Hedge and the Magnetic Poets at the Winter Olympics. Tony Gerber and Neal Merrick from " space for music" also got involved. This global event saw us collaborating via isight and it was great to part of something so artistically rewarding.

finished mixing demos for tinatin's new CD. this beautiful russian singer used chico and i to produce three jazz triphop songs for her debut. she is a 21 year old major talent about to explode. www.tinatinonline.com

charles finally had his official release party for "oxygen and Love" The cd is getting excellent reviews along with satellite radio play